How To Build A Successful Fashion Freelance Business

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How To Build A Successful Fashion Freelance Business

If you are thinking about starting a fashion freelance business or have one already, and want to know how to take it to the next level you have come to the right place! Today I am going to explain how you can go from being a struggling business owner to a rock star with your fashion freelance business!

There are many different types of freelancers working in the fashion industry. Here are just a few:  Hair and make-up artist, stylist, designers,  technical designers, photographers, editors, etc. I can’t list them all! All of these people are incredibly talented in their own fields. But not all of them will have a successful business as a freelancer.

We couldn’t cover every possible angle of the fashion freelance business in just one post! This article is part of a 6 part series. If you are considering freelancing check out the other articles that are part of this series at the bottom of the page.

How Do You Go From Struggling To Thriving?

So what is the difference between an average freelance business owner and one who thrives in the business? I covered the main pros and cons at the beginning of this series. However, after I interviewed many different freelancers in different areas of the industry there were two things that people did that really stood out to me for those who had a thriving business.

There are two main hurdles that one needs to concur when it comes to their fashion freelance business. First, they have to build their network in order to build their net worth. Second, they have to figure out how they can stop trading time for money. In other words, they need to create services or products that they can upscale to their clients to help keep their income stream steady. I am going to cover both of these obstacles here today.

Build Your Network To Build Your Net Worth

Everyone knows you need to grow your network to find new clients and help keep consistent workflow. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about how you can begin to seek out new clients or collaboration partners so that you can raise your rates for services.

When one is first starting their own freelance business they are usually happy to get any work that they can. The struggle is real! However, your goal should always be to build the right clientele. That means working with artists or brands that have big budgets to spend on big time projects that will give you the kind of exposure to warrant your new price increase for your services.

You are essentially building your brand. The image you portray to potential new clients needs to be consistent with your rates for service. You do that by showing the types of blockbuster projects and brands that you have worked with via your army of silent promoters (people you have worked for who sing your praises and recommend you to other people). You can also show your work via your personal portfolio website, online profiles, or media kit.

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Stop Trading Time For Money

When you think of freelancing you automatically assume you will be paid on a per-project basis. However, most highly sought after freelancers have found a way to create their own products or services that provide them with an additional source of income. To be more specific, they have created passive income. Some have even found a way to repurpose work from one client to create a different product for another! You have to think outside of the box on this one. Here are a few examples:

Let’s say you are a fashion stylist working on an upcoming television series. You could write a behind the scenes column for a media outlet (assuming both parties agree). Or, show other people how you find and put together these unique looks for the characters.

If you are a freelance photographer you could consider buying the licensing rights to some of the photos you did for top clients and repurposing them into other products like a calendar. (Think Vogue cover calendar)

One of my favorite fashion illustrators is Magan Hess. She has worked with some incredible brands such as Chanel and Dior. However, she is now a published author and also sells some beautiful products like coffee mugs, stationery, scarves, and pillows. She has built her own legion of adoring fans!

Hopefully, these examples have started you thinking about what else you can do to grow your fashion freelance business.

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