How To Build A Personal Image In The Fashion Industry

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How To Build A Personal Image In The Fashion Industry

People are often confused between a personal brand and your personal image. The best way to explain this is your personal brand is the umbrella or parent company. It embodies everything about who you are. Your personal image is what you choose to show publicly and is under the umbrella as a sub-brand.

Consider this. Your image someone can Google. Your brand is what they hear from others who have met or worked with you.

Build Your Personal Image

Branding yourself is about sharing a consistent message about yourself over multiple platforms. A personal brand also includes things that make up a personal “image”. Those well curated social media images we see. Your chosen resume/ CV layout. Your personal portfolio website you design. These are all examples of your personal image. They should all be similar in appearance and reveal a succinct image. How well you control this image is your responsibility.

As part of your personal image you may have all or some of the below pieces:

  • Résumé/ CV
  • Video résumé
  • Personal portfolio website
  • Portfolio video
  • Personal/ business blog
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • SnapChat
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Periscope

These are all the places that someone might come across your personal brand.

5 Quick Ways To Start Curating Your Image

The fastest way to build a personal brand is to provide a consistent image of yourself and your business across all platforms. The most important online personas you should concentrate on updating are LinkedIn, personal portfolio website if you have one, and personal blog. The reason for this is because these are the first places recruiters and potential business partners might look to find out more about you.

Here are some super fast ways to create a focused personal brand. 

  1. Use the same image of yourself or your logo across all platforms.
  2. Choose 2-3 complementary colors to use across all platforms
  3. Stick to 2-3 fonts
  4. Create a bio about yourself that is clear and compelling to the reader. It should tell the reader quickly what you do and how you can help them.
  5. Update LinkedIn profile with recent projects or portfolio work that best represents your style and aesthetic.

Who Is Going To See Your Personal Image

Many people only worry about building their personal brand when they are job hunting. However, there are many times throughout your career that you may come into contact with people who could offer new opportunities.

Your personal image is an opportunity for you to put your best foot forward before you even meet them.

Yes, hiring managers will look you up. However, your peers and coworkers will also likely see many of your impressions as you are likely linked across different platforms. They may want to introduce you to other people who could potentially be your next business partner or collaboration partner.

Action Steps:

  1. Update your image across all platforms
  2. Create a banging bio
  3. Make sure all projects or portfolio work represents your style and aesthetic.