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Why Should You Train Your Job Replacement In The Fashion Industry?

Why You Should Train Your Fashion Replacement A common fear that many fashion industry professionals face at some point in their career is that they will be replaced by their own assistant or trainees. Ouch! That would definitely not feel good. I am going to tell you why you should absolutely train your fashion replacement. I have unfortunately […]

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How To Make An Impactful Fashion Design Presentation

How To Make An Impactful Fashion Design Presentation If you work in the fashion industry in any area of design you know that as part of the design process you have lots of design presentation meetings throughout the season. During these design meetings, you will need to present your ideas and concepts to various people […]

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Build Your Core Products to Build Your Brand

Build Your Core Products to Build Your Brand A good designer builds core products to build their brand and business. Every popular workout phenomena always focus on building strong core muscles. Building your core muscles does several things. You won’t get easily injured. Core exercises train the muscles to work in harmony and lead to better […]

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