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Interview With Chante Dyson – Rockstar Fashion Intern

Chante Dyson Is A Rockstar Fashion Intern Meet Chante Dyson, our featured Fashion Rockstar Intern. Chante is a glowing example to all fashion students on how to stand out among the crowd and network to make things happen. She was able to land three different fashion internships and is now going through a merchandising management […]

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Elizabeth Solomeina, Flying Solo Collective, fashion designer, fashion business, fashion career, fashion entrepreneur

Interview With Elizabeth Solomeina Co-founder of Flying Solo Collective

Meet Elizabeth Solomeina CoFounder of Flying Solo Collective Meet Elizabeth Solomeina. She is a fashion designer and entrepreneur, and one of the co-founders of the Flying Solo Collective boutique in the lower east side on Manhattan. I met Elizabeth a few months ago when Pick Glass co-hosted a networking event in their store. It was […]

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JLD Studios, Jennifer Lynn Diana, apparel manufacturing, apparel production, fashion business

Interview With Jennifer Lynn Diana of JLD Studios

Meet Jennifer Lynn Diana, founder of JLD Studios Meet Jennifer Diana, founder of JLD Studios, a one-stop-shop for fashion industry production help. She built her career and then her business on the backbone of freelancing, which gave her a wide range of skills and knowledge that propelled her to starting her own studio. What I […]

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How Top Print Designers Keep Coming Up With New Creative Ideas

  How Top Print Designers Keep Coming Up With New Creative Ideas If you are a textile print designer your creativity and your ability to churn out new and exciting designs is your key to a successful business. So it is imperative that you keep those juices flowing! Believe it or not, designers sometimes experience […]

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Neil Elliott, Patternbank, textile print design, trend service company, print studio, fashion industry, fashion textile, fashion print design

Interview With Neil Elliott – Co-Founder of Patternbank

Meet Neil Elliott… Meet Neil Elliott, co-founder of, an online textile print studio and trend forecasting site. He basically took the concept of selling stock photos and applied it to the fashion industry. His idea disrupted the fashion print business model and has changed the textile print industry in the process. He is like […]

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Meg Campbell Golf, fashion entrepreneur, fashion business, fashion startup, golf collection

Interview With Meghan Campbell, Founder of Meg Campbell Golf

Meet Meghan Campbell Meet Meghan Campbell, founder of Meg Campbell Golf, an up and coming ladies golf/ tennis and lifestyle collection. I worked with Meghan years ago when she was first starting out in the industry. When we recently got reconnected she told me about how she had successfully launched her own collection. I just […]

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Stop Staring!, Alicia Estrada, Fashion designer, Made in the USA, Fashion industry, fashion career, vintage, vintage clothing

Interview With Alicia Estrada of Stop Staring!

Meet Alicia Estrada, founder and head designer for Stop Staring! For those of you who don’t know, I used to run The Vintage Shopping Guide, an online vintage resource company. I first interviewed Alicia Estrada back in 2009 for the VSG e-zine. Not everyone likes to hunt through bargain bends and scope out flea markets to […]

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Jia Wertz, Studio 15, fashion business

Interview With Jia Wertz – Founder Of

Meet Jia Wertz… Jia Wertz is the founder of Studio15, an online fashion boutique. I met her a few months ago at a fashion talk here in NYC. I was so impressed with how she built her online business starting from a simple blog. Even more impressive is the compassion and gratitude she demonstrates through her […]

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interview with Jayne Montford, trend forecasting

Interview With Jayne Mountford

Meet Jayne Mountford This interview is for all those fashionista’s out there who think they have their thumb on the pulse of everything trending. Jayne started out in trend forecasting and became the Vice President of Trend Reporting at Stylesight (now WGSN). She then built an exclusive membership site for global trend forecasters called […]

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