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Why Collaboration Is The New Currency In The Fashion Industry

Your career growth is highly tied to how strong you have built a network of friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. who want to help you succeed. The fashion industry is naturally a highly creative field. One of the best ways to build these relationships is through collaboration. Thus, forming partnerships and collaboration is the new […]

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How The Most Creative Fashion Professionals Stay Innovative

How Do Fashion  Creatives Stay Innovative? The fashion industry is a highly competitive field where you are only as good as your last collection, project, or product. In order to stay innovative and ahead of the curve one must think differently, have an open mind, and keep up on the latest trends. To do this I […]

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How to Take Criticism And Become A Better Designer

How to Take Criticism And Become A Better Designer One thing no one tells you in fashion school is that you need to have tough skin and learn to take criticism. If you watch the reality tv shows and movies they make it look so easy. You have a brilliant idea. You toil away on […]

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What Does A Fashion Recruiter Do?

How To Work With A Fashion Recruiter If you work in the fashion industry you will likely work with a fashion recruiter at some point in your career. It is important to understand their role and how the process works in order to be successful. Here is what you need to know. Recruiters fall into […]

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5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Should You Stay Or Should You Go? We all have contemplated from time to time if we would be better off finding a new job. Its can be hard sometimes to way to pros and cons. There is no guarantee that the new company or job will be a better situation than what you currently […]

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How To Set SMART Goals For A Career In The Fashion Industry

SMART Goals Help Your Fashion Career I want you to have an amazing career in the fashion industry! To make sure you keep your dreams and career on track you will need to set some SMART goals. Setting SMART goals for your fashion career is not much different than setting personal goals. However, I am […]

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10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Your creativity in the fashion industry is your net worth. It helps you stand out among your peers. And it opens doors for new opportunities. So it is imperative that you keep those juices flowing! It is easy to get a little too comfortable in your job. You know the routine; the everyday house keeping. […]

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7 Ways To Impress Your Boss

Just doing your job, even doing it well, is not enough anymore to be deserving of a promotion or to get noticed for your work. You need to consistently be improving your skills, and contributions to your team and the business. If you are serious about moving your career forward then it is time to […]

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Why Fashion Professionals Should Have A Personal Brand

 Why Fashion Industry Professionals Should Have Their Own Personal Brand Having a personal brand is essential in the fashion industry now days. It used to just be for those who had their own business like stylists or bloggers. But now everyone needs one. Personal branding is an executive-level strategy that works for professionals at all […]

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