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Interview With Elizabeth Solomeina Co-founder of Flying Solo Collective

Meet Elizabeth Solomeina CoFounder of Flying Solo Collective Meet Elizabeth Solomeina. She is a fashion designer and entrepreneur, and one of the co-founders of the Flying Solo Collective boutique in the lower east side on Manhattan. I met Elizabeth a few months ago when Pick Glass co-hosted a networking event in their store. It was […]

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Top 5 Ways To Build A Great Reputation In The Fashion Industry

Top 5 Ways To Build A Great Reputation In The Fashion Industry Your reputation is the single tool that will move your fashion career forward. Another word for this is a personal brand. What exactly is a personal brand anyway? In short, your personal brand is everything that makes up the impressions you leave about yourself. […]

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How To Find A Mentor In The Fashion Industry

Do You Have A Mentor Yet? Finding a mentor is an important step in growing your career in the fashion industry. Yes, we all need to start at the bottom. However, there is no reason you should make the same mistakes as your predecessors. Finding a great mentor that will help guide you over the […]

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Why Should You Use Printed Labels In Garments?

Why Should You Use Printed Labels In Garments? Today it is pretty common to see a printed main label on clothing. Think about tee shirts or underwear. But have you ever thought about why there are so many labels on a garment? Why Do We Need Labels In Garments At All?  In America we REQUIRE […]

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How Fashion Industry Pros Shop Their Competition

How Fashion Industry Pros Shop Their Competition If you work in the fashion industry it is YOUR JOB to shop the market and know your competition. That is true if you are a designer, sales person, merchandiser, visual displayer, licensee, packaging designer, marketer, etc. Knowing your market and what your competition is doing is key […]

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5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Should You Stay Or Should You Go? We all have contemplated from time to time if we would be better off finding a new job. Its can be hard sometimes to way to pros and cons. There is no guarantee that the new company or job will be a better situation than what you currently […]

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Take The Fashion Matters Challenge Today!

How To Have An Extraordinary Fashion Career The Fashion Matters Challenge is designed to empower fashion professionals to find ways to have a positive impact on other’s lives through their work. We all want to leave our mark in our fashion career. For some that means starting their own fashion line. For others that means […]

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What Fashion Professionals Can Learn From Improvisation

What Fashion Professionals Can Learn From Improvisation I recently read a book called “Yes, And: How Improvisation Reverses “No, But” Thinking and Improves Creativity and Collaboration” by Kelly Leonard. This book reveals improvisational techniques that can help any organization. The author explains how in an improvisation group  they cannot ever shut down someones ideas no matter […]

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