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Fashion Portfolio Step 7: Sketch Out Your Ideas

Step Seven To Creating A Killer Fashion Portfolio For those of you actually doing the portfolio challenge work right alongside me, let me just congratulate you on coming this far! Putting a portfolio together is hard work. Hopefully, these mini-tasks have made it easier for you along the way. If you found your way to […]

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Fashion Portfolio Step 2: Find Inspiration

Step Two To Creating A Killer Fashion Portfolio Welcome back to the fashion portfolio blog series! If you are following along with me on this 10 step process you will have read Fashion Portfolio – Step 1: Reviewing Your Current Body Of Work. You should now be clear on what you need to work on […]

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What Are Sweater Swatch Service Companies?

What Are Sweater Swatch Service Companies? Have you ever thought about becoming a sweater designer? When I started working in the fashion industry almost two decades ago I was surprised to find out that there were companies that don’t actually design the entire sweater. Rather, they sell sweater swatches to designers for concepts. These companies […]

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10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Creativity

Your creativity in the fashion industry is your net worth. It helps you stand out among your peers. And it opens doors for new opportunities. So it is imperative that you keep those juices flowing! It is easy to get a little too comfortable in your job. You know the routine; the everyday housekeeping. This […]

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Interview With Alicia Estrada of Stop Staring!

Meet Alicia Estrada, founder and head designer for Stop Staring! For those of you who don’t know, I used to run The Vintage Shopping Guide, an online vintage resource company. I first interviewed Alicia Estrada back in 2009 for the VSG e-zine. Not everyone likes to hunt through bargain bends and scope out flea markets to […]

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How To Make An Impactful Fashion Design Presentation

How To Make An Impactful Fashion Design Presentation If you work in the fashion industry in any area of design you know that as part of the design process you have lots of design presentation meetings throughout the season. During these design meetings, you will need to present your ideas and concepts to various people […]

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How To Be A Successful Textile Print Designer

How To Be A Successful Textile Designer In my previous article titled “What is a Textile Print Designer?” I described what a textile print designer did and what their responsibilities are working as part of a fashion design team. Now that we have describes the job of the textile print designer I would like to […]

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What Is A Fashion Textile Print Designer?

What Is A Textile Print Designer? Have you ever wondered who designs all the wonderful prints you see in the textiles we buy? Prints are used in everything from apparel to home decor to paper products. This is the job of a textile print designer. Many apparel brands use either graphic screen print designs or […]

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