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5 Reasons You Need To Build Your Network In The Fashion Industry

Why Do You Need to Build Your Network In The Fashion Industry? In the fashion industry a person’s network is their net worth. Why? Because the people you surround yourself with can help you progress your career or your business. This is why you need to build your network in the fashion industry. You know […]

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Why Should You Train Your Job Replacement In The Fashion Industry?

Why You Should Train Your Fashion Replacement A common fear that many fashion industry professionals face at some point in their career is that they will be replaced by their own assistant or trainees. Ouch! That would definitely not feel good. I am going to tell you why you should absolutely train your fashion replacement. I have unfortunately […]

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How To Build A Successful Fashion Freelance Business

How To Build A Successful Fashion Freelance Business If you are thinking about starting a fashion freelance business or have one already, and want to know how to take it to the next level you have come to the right place! Today I am going to explain how you can go from being a struggling […]

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Your Network Is Your Net Worth In The Fashion Industry

Your Network Is Your Net Worth Most people think about networking when they are looking for a job. In reality one should always be looking to meet new people. When you meet new people you can learn from them, share knowledge and insight, and connect them or yourself with others. Having a well rounded group […]

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