10 Reasons You Need An Internship To Land A Job In The Fashion Industry

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10 Reasons Why You Need An Internship To Land A Job In The Fashion Industry

Getting a fashion internship has become more than just a right of passage for many would-be designers and fashion grads. It’s become a requirement! If you hope to land your dream job you are going to need to come packing with some serious skills, real-world experience, and a strong network of colleagues who will vouch for your work ethic. Yes. I said a network! (Read Your Network Equals Your Net Worth.) Landing an internship is the first step toward that goal.

We couldn’t cover every possible angle of the fashion internship saga in just one post! This article is part of a 6 part Fashion Rockstar Internship Series. If you want to learn how to go from fashion intern to full time check out the other articles that are part of this series at the bottom of the page.

Why Do You Need An Internship?

The truth is that the fashion industry is fiercely competitive. Each year hundreds of thousands of fashion design and merchandising students around the world are graduating. The pool of job seekers soon discovers that there are not enough jobs to meet the demand. The competition to land that coveted first job is fierce! One needs a solid résumé with EXPERIENCE and SKILLS.

Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships because this means the applicant has some working knowledge in the industry. They are also more likely to have picked up some valuable skills that they can now contribute to the job at hand. Grabbing that coveted internship spot is the key to getting your foot in the door, building that much-needed skill set and work experience.

fashion internship, fashion intern, intern tips, fashion career, fashion career advice, find an internship, fashion industry10 Reason Why You Need An Internship

1) Get Ahead Of The Competition –

To ensure your job application makes it’s way to the top of the pile you need to bring the goods. Internships are the best way to edge out the competition and get your foot in the door. An impressive internship will give you the upper hand because you’ll have gained the work experience that proves you know how to use what you’ve learned in school.

2) Real World Industry Experience

There are some things you just can’t learn in a classroom. Working as an intern is the best way for you to get hands-on experience working in a professional environment. By working directly with industry professionals you will begin to understand what it means and what it takes to work in the fashion industry.

3)Build Your skills

Internships have come a long way. They are much more than fetching coffee or running errands for people. Now you can expect to sit in on meetings, put together presentations, and communicate with vendors. However, it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity. Always be asking questions. Offer to help in any way you can. And take notes!

4) A Better Understanding Of Your Chosen Field

This is your chance to get out there and really see what the day-to-day work life will soon be for you. This is your opportunity to see if your chosen path is really what you want to do. It’s ok to change your mind! Better to find out now than after you are stuck in a job you really don’t like.

5) Networking Opportunity

I can’t stress this enough. Internships are the absolute best way to start building your network with industry professionals. During an internship you are interacting with colleagues, sitting in on meetings with buyers or other industry professionals. You might be interacting with vendors via email or attending trade shows. Pick up their business cards and start a dialogue! Your next big opportunity for full-time employment is more likely to come from someone you know rather than a job board.

6) Résumé and Reference Building

Internships are a great way to fill your résumé with the much needed work experience. Don’t forget to add all the newly acquired skills you will pick up. In addition, an internship offers you the opportunity to add some industry profession references. These are your newly found colleagues who are will to vouch for your work ethic, skills, and professionalism.

7) Time Management

As an intern you’ll become a master of time management. When you’re working in a fast-paced professional environment like the fashion industry every minute counts. Time management is an important skill to learn. As a rockstar fashion intern you will learn how to make the most of your time finishing tasks on deadlines.

8) Stepping Stones To Your Dream Job

Scholarships, competitions, and internships are all the building blocks that will lead you down the path to your dream job goal. What you learn from each experience will help to guide you to your next experience.

9) Personal Brand Building

I don’t care how talented you are. LVMH is not going to come knocking on your door just because you had an amazing final collection. Top luxury brand companies get hundreds of job applications every week. They are looking for the cream of the crop. They means you need to first score a plum internship with a like-minded brands. Look for internships with companies that match your personal aesthetic and values.

10) Gain Self Confidence

If you have never worked in a professional work environment before it can be a little intimidating. The fashion industry is very fast paced and you will be expected to pick up things quickly. Working as a summer intern gives you an opportunity to interact with other fashion industry professionals. How to communicate professionally is one of the most important skills you can learn as an intern.

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fashion internship, fashion industry, fashion intern, intern tips, fashion career, fashion career advice, find an internship
fashion internship, fashion industry, fashion intern, intern tips, fashion career, fashion career advice, find an internship