5 Rules For Great Fashion Packaging Design

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Why Is Packaging Important to Your Brand?

Packaging design is a hot topic in the fashion industry today. On one hand, you have more customers concerned about the environment, so there is the pressure to design a more environmentally friendly packaging. Then there is the gravitation towards online shopping which creates a new challenge to give customers a brand experience both online and when they receive the goods.

If you work in the fashion industry you know that presentation is everything. It starts with the designer who creates elaborate presentations of their inspiration for the product. That aesthetic and desired experience then filters down into every aspect of the brand. There are trim designers who decide the labels and hangtags. There are marketing people who carry out this dream to the point of sale, ad campaigns, social media, and PR. It all comes to the crescent when the customer makes a choice to buy!

What Does Packaging Design Mean?

Think about the last time you went shopping. What made you walk over to that product on the shelf? What made you decide to buy it? To a certain degree, it was probably the packaging — the colors used, the shape, graphics, and typography. Packaging engages with customers in a different way than reading copy in a catalog a screen would or seeing a visual image.

Packaging designers create everything from the labels and hangtags to the box your product ships in with tissue paper and stickers that make you feel so special when you open it up. Basically, they design the experience the customer has with your product. That is powerful stuff!

What Makes Packaging Design Good?

To create a unique experience for a customer one must be willing to break the rules. After all, when purchasing apparel one would expect a basic shopping bag or gift box with tissue and stickers perhaps. But they would not expect a shopping bag that transforms into a gift box!

Five Keys To Great Packaging Design

Great packaging design will help sell your product and create legends of fans. Here are five rules to follow to create memorable packaging for your fashion product:

1) Shelf Appeal

In most cases your product is rarely displayed by itself on a shelf or on a fixture. It is right there alongside other products. So, your trims or packaging have to stand out. You are in the business to sell after all.

2) Practicality

The shape of your product itself or the package it comes in needs to be practical for either the customers end use, where they will put it, or its portability. A good example is when shampoo bottles were designed the sit upside down so that the shampoo was more easily accessible. Another example is adding a handle to a box therefore eliminating the need for an additional bag to carry.

3) Simplicity

Reframe from the need to add excessive details or information. A package needs to be clear to the consumer what they are buying. One mistake often made is the overuse of graphics so that the package is so busy the customer doesn’t know what they are looking at.

4) Iconic

You don’t just want your product to be memorable. You want it to be iconic. A sign of great design is its recognition over time in it’s original form. It is a proven fact that customers need to see something at least seven times before they recognize it. Ideally a package designed for a fashion product will be used for years to come. So make it right the first time.

5) Trigger Engagement

Customers act when they feel compelled. This could be the compulsion to walk to the shelf and take a closer look. It could be the desire to use the product right away. Think of gift giving box sets or cosmetic in reflective cases to be used as mirrors. Technology has also found ways to allow the customer to interact with brands.

Action Step:

  1. Schedule a shopping trim to evaluate where your product is sold and it’s competition. Is your customer getting the best brand experience they can?
  2. Review all forms of your brand’s packaging and decide if it is in line with your brand’s aesthetic and desired experience.
  3. Research trim and packaging suppliers and the most recent trends in your product category.

If you would like more information on trim and packaging design I highly recommend these books:

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packaging design, fashion industry, fashion career
packaging design, fashion industry, fashion career