Interview with Amy Cole – Fashion Recruiter and Career Coach

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Meet Amy Cole – Fashion Recruiter and Career Coach

Meet Amy Cole, a veteran recruiter in the fashion industry who’s also started her own fashion career consulting business. She is a frequent speaker and hosts monthly events on various topics related to personal branding like how to use LinkedIn, networking, and interview questions.

I met Amy when I hired her as my own personal fashion career coach. Yes. I hired a career coach myself because I wanted to make a drastic change in my own career. And believe me, it was the best money I ever spent! If I could tell you one superpower that Amy has, it is her ability to help you find within yourself all the things that hiring managers are looking for and helps you be able to speak clearly about what you have to offer. So, when it was time to put together this fashionable job-hunting series I knew I had to include her!

We couldn’t cover every possible angle of crafting a fashion career job hunt in just one post! This article is part of a 7 part Fashionable Job Hunt Series. If you want to learn how you can build a successful career in the fashion industry check out the other articles that are part of this series at the bottom of the page. You can also join the conversation on our Facebook group called PickGlass Fashionable Careers. See you there!


Build On Your Natural Talents…

I was a physical therapy major in college who never took my boards and had interned with a fashion company in Boston. I fell in love with selling at the tradeshows, showing the collection and interacting with all the retailers.  So I made it my goal to move to New York City and get a job in fashion.  I was a showroom manager and moved my way up to National Sales.

After selling (mostly Swim) to nationwide retailers for 10 years, I realized my gift was building teams and managing and motivating people. I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, so I decided to give my own business a shot.  Recruiting was a natural fit as it’s all about people.

18 years later I’m excited to say that we are still recruiting for fashion brands such as Calvin Klein and Michael Kors but have also expanded into helping E-Com and Digital companies find top talent as well.

Changes In The Industry…

I’ve seen a great deal of change – of course, the shrinking of the retail landscape.  When I started, department stores were running retail. Then came JCPenney and specialty store chains. And today we have the Mass Market; Target & Walmart running retail.

Of course, there is Amazon, the online giant, and e-commerce is definitely where I see our entire industry going. That is a piece of why I have branched my company into e-commerce and digital.

Biggest Mistakes People Make…

The biggest mistake I notice is that professionals don’t know how to truly package and present their expertise in a way that the hiring manager or company needs to hear it.  So often, top-notch, smart wonderful professionals come to me and give me everything they have EVER done in their career. Even for me, a recruiter who interviews people all day, I start to glaze over. So #1 mistake is that professional need to streamline their expertise, package and present them in a concise manner.

Why Career Coaching?

fashion recruiter, Fashion head hunter, fashion job search, job search, fashion industry, Amy Cole, Amy Cole ConnectI simply love, love, love the people part of my job as a recruiter. My absolute favorite piece is to help people, as I say, help them “Get Their Professional Edge On!”  I believe there is a role and job for everyone and that we all have gifts. My gift is to help people truly find their stride and go after what they want out of a career. So coaching, isn’t a job for me, it’s a real passion.

I offer an innovative 3-step program designed specifically for you to “Get Your Professional Edge On!”. There are 3 key elements in the program: Packaging, Positioning, and Presenting.  Once these 3 are in sync, you are ready to market yourself and strategically land your dream job.

Power-Punch Your Resume Program is where we “Package” your resume and online brand via LinkedIn. We nail your personal brand and professional expertise.

Make LinkedIn Powerful is my online course and is where you take your “packaged professional brand” and “Position” it so hiring managers find you!  93% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to find talent today so it is imperative that your brand stands out among the other 500M people online.

And finally – we offer a highly, individualized VIP intensive one-to-one package where we integrate your packaging and positioning and truly market your expertise to advance your career.

I love working with everyone, and everyone is seeking different things from a coach so although I strongly believe it is the 3 punch combination that catapults careers, all or 1 package standing alone truly sets the trajectory for promotion in one’s career.

People Are Interesting Because…

I’ve learned that every single person has a talent; a gift that no one else has, and that only s/he can bring to a company. And that they should truly revel in that gift, embrace it and believe strongly in themselves.  Our uniqueness is our God-given strength and I have seen great success occur when professionals lead with their unique strengths and gifts. And 100% of the time, when they lead from that place, they succeed and are the most happiest and productive in their every day, not only for themselves but for their employers.

Learning Curves For Me…

Honestly, planning.  I have been a woman who loves to try new things, I plot and plan to go after a specific thing, for example, staffing a new category, in my business but will then walk away from well-laid groundwork, just before it comes to fruition.  They say If you “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail.”

Thankfully, I have not failed per say, but I do know as I reflect back that more strategic planning and focus on 1 thing could have been beneficial.  That said, I also thrive on taking risks and moving quickly so I have grown with and adjusted to the fast moving parts of our industry successfully.

The other learning curve I feel should be noted, and it is an ongoing learning curve as an entrepreneur is asking for what you are worth.  I give a speech on “Ask For What You Are Worth – 3 Golden Rules To Successful Salary Negotiation”.  And although I understand HOW to ask for what I am worth, it can often be a challenge navigating fee conversations and/or increasing fees for services rendered.  We all learn every day to address challenging things in new ways and I’m thankful that I’m definitely more confident but must admit that I’m still learning in that category.

The Best Advice I Ever Received…

Treat your clients the way you’d like to be treated. Make sure to OUT service the client you have and many more will follow. I believe this wholeheartedly and find that mutual respect and integrity breeds win/win relationships; ones that grow and where both parties are continually happy with the services given.

My Advice To Fashion Professionals…

Follow your passion! If the creative side of fashion is your business, make design your own. If you are in love with the emergence of e-commerce, stay on that trajectory, become a guru in analytics, online marketing, or backend technology.  The industry is evolving, and there are many new and exciting ways to grow and be successful in fashion. As a matter of fact, so many innovative unique ways to design, deliver and retail product today.  Follow your heart and explore until you find the aspect of fashion that really makes you sing.

On The Horizon For Amy Cole Connect…

fashion recruiter, Fashion head hunter, fashion job search, job search, fashion industry, Amy Cole, Amy Cole ConnectProfessionally, my current goal is to incorporate more speaking events into my business model.  My model has grown from solely recruiting to incorporate coaching the past 5 years, and we are now ramping up my live speaking. I’d like to be speaking at more corporate events, at conferences and for individual companies on how to empower professionals to “Get Their Professional Edge On!”, and to help the hiring managers with leadership tactics so they can better manage, motivate and retain the teams they build.

Personally, I’m challenging myself to slow down. To meditate, reflect and think before I jump; both on personal and professional fronts.  Comes back to the planning theme….but to also allow life to flow.  As I reflect, my whole life has been a divine flow; I sewed as a child, never thought of fashion as a career or option and then all of a sudden, I was selling clothes.  My gut was to help others, hence Physical Therapy and then the two merged into my own business of recruiting…so to let go, slow down and allow the things to happen organically.

I’d like to be a surfer chic in my old age…so will keep you posted.

Who I Admire Most…

This season, I have great admiration for Olympic athletes. I revere their discipline, drive, and focus. Their willingness to push themselves to the max through extreme physical and mental pain. And to stand so graciously under all that competition. They are truly an inspiration; going after their dreams and leaving nothing on the line to win. WOW! Look so forward to watching the Olympics live and have been enjoying the pre-qualifying events.

Follow Amy…

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