Silent Self-Promotions For Fashion Designers

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Five Silent Self-Promotions For Fashion Designers

It would be wonderful if we could all just do our jobs and let our work speak for itself. Unfortunately, too often the ones getting noticed by the boss are not always the ones who are most talented or even most qualified. They are, however, being remembered. In this article, I am going to show you how to self-promote without having to showboat.

For someone who is naturally more introverted the idea of having to self-promote can seem very unnatural and awkward. For someone shyer, it may appear they are at a disadvantage when it comes to self-promotion. The good news is that there are ways to silently promote yourself and get noticed. The key is not to be the loudest person in the room, but rather be the one consistently wowing them.

We couldn’t possibly include everything you need to know about networking in the fashion industry in this one article. So, I created an 8 part Fashionable Networking Blog Series. To read the entire series and get valuable insight, go to the bottom of this page to see all the links. I’ve even thrown in a FREE 6-Day Networking email course to get you started! 

Follow these five tips to silently self-promote yourself:

1) Design Meetings Are Your Place To Shine

Design teams regularly have to meet with sales, merchandisers, and upper management as part of the design process. Yes, you need to get comfortable with speaking in front of your audience and selling them on your ideas. However, these design meetings are the perfect place when your work really can speak for itself. Spend the necessary time to make sure your design concept boards look amazing.

Remember, these other people are not creatives. You need to make your ideas come across as clear as possible. Amazing concept boards equals a memorable designer!

2) Be Prepared For All Meetings

When someone is unprepared for a meeting they come across as a novice. Taking the necessary steps to prepare ahead of time will make you more relaxed and give you the confidence you need. To do this you need to be aware of any upcoming meetings. Schedule them on your calendar. I like to check my calendar before I leave each evening so I know what to expect the next day. Then gather any documents or other items you may need for this meeting and set them aside so you can pick them up and go.

When you take the time to make sure you have everything you need for an upcoming meeting or presentation it will give you confidence. When you have more confidence you appear more in charge and more of a leader.

3) Collaboration Makes You More Visible

It is very easy for us designers to stick to our fashion tribes. We know our place in the tribe. However, there are many other people in your organization that help brings it all together (sales, marketing, technical design team, etc.). By talking to these other team members and asking them about their jobs and what their personal pain points are you may discover ways to work together or do something a little differently to make the workflow more smoothly. By collaborating with other people outside of your design team, other people become more aware of you and your work. These very people can help spread the word about your good work without you having to open your mouth.

4) Become Your Boss’s Go To

If you are doing all of the above techniques (creating amazing presentations, always prepared, and collaborating with others) then this next step is probably already happening. A good rule is to always make yourself invaluable to your boss. When you make your boss look good and make their job easier, then they will rely on you and depend on you. This also creates an environment where your boss is naturally going to want to reciprocate and make sure you are happy. That means giving you the sweet new projects, or plum opportunities and much deserved raise or promotion.

5) Social Media Presence

For many of us, social media has been a way for us to hide behind our computers and show only the part of us we want others to see. This happens to also be the perfect place for introverts to feel more in control about when and how they tout their accomplishments. All designers should be on LinkedIn. This is a professional environment where it is expected that one keep their profile updated. By updating your profile with recent projects you have two opportunities. First, you can invite other collaborators to comment on the project’s success. This gives other people again the opportunity to speak for you while also attaching themselves to the project. Second, this update makes you more visible to not just your immediate team who will likely see your update on their feed, but to the world. You just might be the latest hot commodity!

One final note is, be sure any updates or projects you upload to LinkedIn in public knowledge. Fashion designers work at least a year in advance and you should not be adding any images or giving away company secrets to the general public.

Action Steps:

  1. Make presentations that wow.
  2. Think of one new project that you can collaborate on with another co-worker.
  3. Elevate your public profile.

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