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7 Ways To Impress Your Boss

Just doing your job, even doing it well, is not enough anymore to be deserving of a promotion or to get noticed for your work. You need to consistently be improving your skills, and contributions to your team and the business. If you are serious about moving your career forward then it is time to […]

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5 Signs You Should Leave Your Job

Should You Stay Or Should You Go? We all have contemplated from time to time if we would be better off finding a new job. It can be hard sometimes to way to pros and cons. There is no guarantee that the new company or job will be a better situation than what you currently […]

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Advice From Top Fashion Freelancers – Secrets To Success!

Fashion Freelancer Round-Up If you are a fashion freelancer your talent, creativity, and ability to network to find new clients is your key to a successful business. It is imperative that you find a system and workflow that helps you churn out the work in a timely manner. You can have an awesome career working […]

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What Designers Can Learn From Fashion Interns

What All Designers Can Learn From Fashion Interns Many fashion companies offer internships during the summers. We all know that for a student, landing that coveted summer internship is a wonderful opportunity for them to learn new skills, add experience to their resume, make new connections, and get a taste of what their future day-to-day […]

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5 Best Ways To Silently Self Promote In The Fashion Industry

How To Silently Self Promote In The Fashion Industry Self-promotion is difficult for most people. In the fashion industry, it can be doubly intimidating because the industry is full of wonderfully talented creative types who are naturally more outspoken. It would be wonderful if we could all just do our jobs and let our work […]

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