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Why Fashion Professionals Should Have A Personal Brand

Why Fashion Industry Professionals Should Have Their Own Personal Brand Having a personal brand is essential in the fashion industry nowadays. It used to just be for those who had their own business like stylists or bloggers. But now everyone needs one. Even YOU! In this article, I am going to walk you through the […]

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How To Build A Personal Image In The Fashion Industry

Why You Should Have A Personal Image One of the best ways to move up in the fashion world is to build your personal image. People are often confused between a personal brand and your personal image. Your image someone can Google. Your brand is what they hear from others who have met or worked […]

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Top 5 Ways To Make Your Fashion Résumé Pop

How To Make Your Fashion Résumé or CV Stand Out In the fashion industry, it is all about the presentation. Fashion folks are naturally creative and talented bunch. Your first impression with a potential new employer should showcase this creativity. Résumés are meant to be a complete and total representation of who you are, what you’ve accomplished, and […]

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What Does A Fashion Recruiter Do?

How To Work With A Fashion Recruiter When starting your job search you will need to decide if you will go it on your own or work with a fashion recruiter. If you work in the fashion industry you will likely work with a fashion recruiter at some point in your career. It is important […]

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How To Set SMART Goals For A Career In The Fashion Industry

SMART Goals Help Your Fashion Career I want you to have an amazing career in the fashion industry! However, amazing careers don’t just happen. They are planned for. To make sure you keep your dreams and career on track you will need to set some goals.  Setting goals for your fashion career are not much […]

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Fashion Portfolio – Step 10: Add Fashion Illustrations

Step Ten To Creating Your Fashion Design Portfolio This is the LAST installment of the fashion portfolio blog series! You now have a mood board, and concept board, a color palette, flat sketches and fabric swatches. Now let’s bring it all together! It is time to add your fashion illustrations to your fashion portfolio. Adding […]

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Fashion Portfolio – Step 9: Add Flat Sketches

Step Nine To Creating A Killer Fashion Portfolio Welcome back to the fashion portfolio blog series. We are almost finished! Today I am going to show you how to add flat sketches to your fashion portfolio. So far you have sketched out your collection in a rough draft form, and selected your color palette and […]

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Fashion Portfolio Step 8: Find Your Fabrics

Step Eight To Creating Your Fashion Design Portfolio One of the best things you can add to your fashion portfolio is swatches of the materials you plan to use. People who work in the fashion industry are a textile group. We like to touch things and feel fabrics and materials. And yes. I know that […]

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Fashion Portfolio Step 7: Sketch Out Your Ideas

Step Seven To Creating A Killer Fashion Portfolio For those of you actually doing the portfolio challenge work right alongside me, let me just congratulate you on coming this far! Putting a portfolio together is hard work. Hopefully, these mini-tasks have made it easier for you along the way. If you found your way to […]

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